Zorah Yeraz

Vintage – 2012
Vineyard – Rind – Armenia
Winemaker – 
Alberto Antonini
Viticulturist – 
Stefano Bartolomei
Packaging – 
Alc. by vol. – 13.5%


Vintage 2012
Zorah Yeraz

Grape Variety

ARENI NOIR – Possibly one of the oldest grape varieties in the world Areni has been present in Armenia for millennia. Never grafted and on its own roots, it is 100% indigenous to this land, with a unique DNA profile that does not match any other. Extremely resistant to disease Areni Noir has a unique capacity to adapt perfectly to continental climates. Through time it has developed a very thick skin which, while helping maintain the elegance and freshness of the grape, also protects it from the drastic day/night temperature variations (average 20°C /68°F) present during the summer months at the high altitudes of Vayotz Dzor.

The territory

Extreme, high altitude viticulture, from ancient vineyards ‘older than time’, YERAZ is made solely from Areni Noir grapes coming from small batch, ultra-centennial bush vineyards at 1600mtr/5250ft above sea level. A Phylloxera free terroir with low vigour, sandy limestone soils and no irrigation.

2012 vintage information

A great vintage, characterised by a long warm summer. Dry until mid-September allowing harvest to be pushed back to very end of October. Dry harvest conditions resulted in grapes with good acidity and well-structured wines.

Vinification and aging

Fermentation takes place in rough, temperature controlled concrete tanks, using only natural yeast, while the aging is in traditional amphorae of varying sizes and in large untoasted casks for 24 months with a further 12 months in bottles.

Analytical Data

Wine pH 0/0
Total acidity 0.00 g/l
Alcohol 00% Vol.
Total polyphenols 000 mg/l


A lovely ethereal nose and fine, elegant, pure lingering flavour this wines has a distinct character of its own. Hints of spice and crushed raspberry, succulent and textured with silky tannins that soften the palate.