Vintage – 2014
Vineyard – Rind – Armenia
Winemaker – 
Alberto Antonini
Viticulturist – 
Stefano Bartolomei
Packaging – 
Alc. by vol. – 13.5%


Vintage 2014

Grape Variety   VOSKÈAT & GARANDMAK – Both ancient native grape varieties, Voskèak and Garandmak, have been present in Armenia for millennia. In the archaeological excavations of Teishebiani fortress from 8th century BC, grape seeds, reminiscent of Voskèat and Garandmak, together with irrigation canals, wine cellars and large amphorae (karases) were unearthed indicating that these varieties were used for wine production during the ages. Both Varieties are present throughout Armenia’s territory but, the exceptional terroir of Vayotz Dzor , with its high altitudes and elevated daytime temperatures, contrasting with the cool nights, yield distinctively balanced fruit in this region and highlight the full potential of these grapes. Voskèat in translation “Golden seed” is considered Queen of Armenia’s grapes. It is a delicate golden coloured grape with small compact, relatively thin skinned berries and cross shaped bunches. Garandmak, in translation “Fatty tail”, one of the most popular grapes, is a much hardier variety, greenish yellow in colour, with larger thicker skinned berries and compact bunches.


The pinnacle of high altitude viniculture, the grapes come from vineyards at 1400 mtrs/4500ft asl. A Phylloxera free terroir, all vines are grown on original ungrafted roots, the cuttings coming from ancient vines. The low vigour, rocky, sandy soils, rich in limestone help maintain moisture during the intensely hot, dry summer months.


After one of the coldest winters on record, with temperatures hitting peaks of -20°C, 2014 was an exemplary year. Not as hot as 2013, 2014 was warm with a dry growing season characterised with strong sunlight balanced by fresh night-time temperatures. Cooler and slightly humid conditions during harvest has resulted in wines with good acidity and structure. Picking started end of September and finished early October.


A first release. Fermentation in large concrete vats with no epoxy using only natural yeast. Aging continued in concrete vats for 11 months with further 6 months in bottle.


Wine pH 0/0
Total acidity 0.00 g/l
Alcohol 00% Vol.
Total polyphenols 000 mg/l


“Vibrant, juicy and layered with beautiful acidity that comes from the high altitudes. The floral and spicy notes give way to a full- bodied white and the final blend is like a symphony on one’s pallet.”