Trinity 6100 Rosé

Region – Vayots Dzor, Armenia
Terroir – Volcanic soil with high content of sand and gravel
Continental climate with around 250 sun days/year
Vineyard elevation – 1300 m above the sea level
Growing system – Double Guyot pruning system
Vintage – 2015


Trinity 6100


The grapes are harvested at the right degree of ripeness and expressed level of acidity in the second half of October.
Bunches are directly pressed without additional maceration.
The fermentation is constantly performed at 13oC. After the fermentation the wine is aged on the lies for two weeks.


Varietal 100% Areni Noir
Alcohol 12.5% Vol.
pH 3.2
TA 6.1 g/L


Colour: Onion skin
Flavour profile: Fresh wild berries touched by spices, refreshing acidity and silky roundness create a beautiful balance and exceptional aftertaste. Enjoy on its own or with fish, seafood, mild cheeses and simple salads.