ArArAt Cocktails

ArArAt Cocktails


100 Legends

ArArAt Ani – 40 ml
Walnut – 20 gm
Maple Syrup – 15 ml
Lemon Juice – 15 ml

Crush shelled walnut in shaker, add all ingredients and mix. Serve in cocktail glass after sifting.



ArArAt Ani – 40 ml
Sugar Syrup – 20 ml
Lemon Juice – 20 ml
Pomegranate Juice – 20 ml
Sprite – 50 ml

Mix all ingredients in a shaker, pour into an ice filled cognac glass, add Sprite.


Golden Apricot

ArArAt Ani – 30 ml
Orange – 50 gm
Dried pitted and halved apricot – 20 gm
Limoncello – 20 ml

Mash orange and dried apricot in a toll glass; add crushed ice; add all ingredients. Mix, add ice and decorate with dried apricot.



ArArAt 5 senses

ArArAt Ani – 40 ml
Blackcurrant liqueur – 30 ml
Cream (11%) – 30 ml
Grenadine – 5  ml

Mix in a shaker with ice; sprinkle with cinnamon and decorate the rim of the glass with chocolate chips.


ArArAt After Love

ArArAt Ani – 40 ml
Soho (lychee based liqueur) – 5 ml
7UP or Sprite – 150 ml
Lime – 2 slices; squeeze into the glass
Ice – 5-6 cubes

Served in a tall glass, undecorated. The cocktail was created to honor the famous pop artist Cher during her Moscow 2004 tour. The name of the cocktail was inspired by one of her hit singles.